Adult Children of Alcoholic and Dysfunctional Families

Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera

“Every ACA group should maintain itself and refuse external support”

” Higher power. I am here to do your will. Help me donate the right amount for the right reason. Help me remember that I have a different life today because of ACA. May I be willing to give back what was given to me voluntarily . “

Meditation from the 7th tradition, Red Book

The service bureaus rely on the Seventh Tradition for Self-Conservation of ACA, but according to the 7th tradition, the World Service Bureau (WSO), the European Committee (EC) and the Joint Service Bureau of the German-speaking ACA community only accept contributions from members, groups / meetings or Intergroups.

In line with the 7th tradition of ACA, we ask that non-ACA members do not transfer donations.

Joint account of the intergroup DA-CH

The joint account of the intergroup of the German-speaking ACA community was terminated. An official club account is being prepared.

As soon as we have an official club account, the new account number will be announced. Until then, we ask that you refrain from transferring funds to the old joint account. All ACA members who have set up a standing order are asked to delete it

Links to the donation pages of ACA WSO and ACA EC

The donation page of the ACA World Service Organization (ACA WSO) can be accessed here.

You can access the donation page of the ACA European Committee (ACA EC) here.